Thursday, October 9, 2008

A poop story...

This story is about butts and poop. IF you don't think that stories with butts and poop in them are funny, stop reading.

In Pre-K land, I had a little boy who was a regular visitor to the potty right after nap. Like clockwork. I even knew that I'd let nap run a little late if my sweet bathroom buddy woke up to go.

Usually he just went in and came out and all was done in a matter of minutes.

One day he goes in....and I wait....and wait....and let the others who need to "go" use the poty next door... and wait....and wait... I didn't want to interrupt... I knew he was ok from the one-sided conversation that was going on.

At the 10 minute mark I decided that enough is enough.

"Sweet Love? How ya doin in there?"


"Well, tell me what's wrong...."

"Um... Miss G? Mybuttwon'tletmypoopcomeout."

"Your.... what?"

"My BUTT... won't LET... my POOOOOOOP.... come OUT."

oh my.

"Well... can you tell you butt you'll just try again later?"

"Yeah... that works."

SO glad we can all get along.

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